Nothing to Summit is a collection of short essays on how to climb the mountain that we call life. It is a book about gaining strength, fighting against one’s fears, falling, regaining hope, and ultimately finding inner peace before the cycle/climb begins again. This book was written to reinvigorate any dying faith and ambition that you may be facing towards life, your dreams, and yourself, providing a new perspective on fearlessness. Her chapters are split into five, ensuring that each step taken up the mountain is calculated and precise. Each chapter is meticulously crafted, provides you with a breath of fresh air, giving you the ability to rise.

Irum’s book has been a #1 New Release in "Women in Islam" on Amazon for the past month. To purchase:

Book Tour 2019:



5.24.19: University of Oregon — Eugene, OR

6.9.19: Daybreak Bookstore — Minneapolis, MN

3.30.19: Wayne State University, MIST — Detroit, MI

3.29.19: AANM (Arab American National Museum) — Dearborn, MI

3.14.19: American Islamic College — Chicago, IL

2.18.19: Wayne State University — Detroit, MI

2.03.19: Crazy Wisdom Bookstore — Ann Arbor, MI

2.02.19: Sanctuary of Sound — Detroit, MI

1.27.19: The Bottom Line Coffee House — Detroit, MI